Save 20% with Tax Free Shopping

We are pleased to offer all customers whose main residence is outside of the UK the opportunity to claim back the VAT on purchases made in our shop. This means a huge saving of 20%. If you wish to buy loose diamonds or jewellery, we will be happy to supply you with the appropriate documents to make a full tax refund. So if your home address is in China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, USA, Australia or in any other country around the world outside of the UK please let us know when you are making your purchase!

Please note that due to the changes to the Tax Free Scheme, we will need to ship your purchase to your address overseas.

We offer large loose diamonds up to 10 carat plus as well as jewellery in bespoke settings designed by you. We also have access to some of the worlds rarest and most beautiful natural coloured stones including pink diamonds, yellow diamonds and blue diamonds. We also specialise in investment diamonds.

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