Leicester Jewellers Plans Long Awaited Goodbye to Covid-19

If you’re like me and fed up longing for the days of Covid free 2019, this is the blog for you.

I work in Leicester’s Lanes shopping area and I’m tired of lockdown and the pandemic. Between changes at work that pretty much shut down my beloved shopping and gathering area, to sitting at home dreaming of life pre-Covid, I finally decided to do something about it and make plans for the days after we’ve all waved goodbye to the virus and we can get some normality back into our lives.

What I miss the most is a great girls’ day out. I especially miss the ones planned the night before with frantic phone calls and negotiations with partners on changes to busy schedules. Gosh, just writing this down I can feel the energy that comes from knowing I’ve booked time with best friends I can’t wait to spend the day with in a laugh till your jaw hurts mission to visit our favourite places and have fun.

Girls' day out
I want to get back to day’s like this! (even if the picture was taken in New York 🙂 )

I love Leicester. It’s friendly and fashionable, it combines trendy with traditional, and The Lanes has some of the best places to eat, drink and shop in the country. The insiders who live and work in The Lanes know it best. Try this on for a grand day out and don’t forget to let me know what you’d do differently if it was you doing the planning.

Meeting the Girls

Mrs. Bridges Tea Rooms
Coffee and Cakes at Mrs. Bridges Tea Rooms

Coffee and cakes in Leicester’s Lanes

The first thing on the agenda is meeting up and getting some best pal hugs in. Remember hugs? I love starting a day on the town at Mrs. Bridges Tearooms. Mmm… Coffee the way I want it and gorgeous freshly baked pastries. The staff are always fun and pleased to talk about what’s fab on the cakes list. If you’re not local, they’ll be more than happy to direct you to a few more Lanes area gems to spend some time in.

We have a laugh making up a theme for our day out and call it Pilot, Champers & Bling. What could possibly go wrong with stoking our buyer’s fever with some of the best threads in Leicester, having a couple of glasses of Champagne and then going to a jewellery shop!

Designer clothes at Pilot

Pilot is one of those stores everyone gravitates to in Leicester. I can’t remember Leicester without it. I always love going there with pals and trying out new looks. It’s such a laugh when we all fetch things for each other and dress the way other people see us. A word of warning though…I once went into Pilot for a belt and came out with an entire outfit! The place is just so good with those brands you just can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Lane’s Champagne and Lunch

We’ve all bought a few things, so with bags in hand it’s off to grab some lunch with a glass of Bubbly and to do a bit of people watching. Pre-Covid 19 the picture below would have been jumping with people. Finger’s crossed it’s back to normal in a few months.

The Case Restaurant and Champagne Bar

The Case Restaurant & Champagne bar

For me, The Case is my special place to go after shopping. The views of the old town are superb, and the old world feeling of the décor make for a great place to relax and chat about the day. The best part?… they have a three-course lunch to die for. I can’t wait to get back to The Case on a gorgeous spring day and enjoy the light, the views, the food and of course, the Champagne.

Jewellery Shopping in Leicester Lanes

Lanes Fine Jewellery in Leicester, England

Lanes Fine Jewellery

I’m really proud of what we’ve created at Lanes Fine Jewellery and I like to show it off to my friends. We make it a rule to never buy anything after a Champagne day on the town (that’s part of the negotiations with significant others I mentioned earlier :-)) which takes the pressure off my pals and lets us imagine how some of the great pieces we have on display might go with outfits at home for all of those upcoming post-Covid parties.

There’s one last thing that makes coming home after a girl’s day really special and is essential for a chocaholic like me. I love to take some chocolate home, preferably dark chocolate Belgian Truffles. There’s nothing nicer than snuggling up on the sofa with great chocolate, knock your socks off coffee and a good box set! There’s no better place to go for chocolate than Cocoa Amore, a proper artisan local business.

The Lane’s Cocoa Amore

Cocoa Amore in Leicester, UK
Truffles at Cocoa Amore

A formal goodbye and good riddance to Covid-19 can’t come fast enough for me, and with vaccines and warmer weather coming for all of us soon, I’m hopeful I’ll be making my Lanes day out fantasy a reality in April or May this year.

I really enjoyed the process of remembering what’s so, so good about Leicester – great people, great places and a wonderful atmosphere. The whole process just made me smile! Visit my shop online or in person and tell me about your own plans for saying goodbye to Covid-19! 🙂


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