Ethical Gold with SMO Certification

What is SMO Gold?

Single Mine Origin gold (SMO) is gold that has come from a single, responsibly run gold mine. A chain of custody is assured all along the supply route from mine to finished product, this chain of custody for every gram of gold is documented and audited.

The mines that SMO Gold originates from have to meet strict ethical, environmental and health and safety standards. SMO gold means that it is guaranteed conflict free, meets international standards of best practice and protection for all workers, ensures there is minimal environmental impact and ensures that the local communities benefit from a mine by establishing employment opportunities, health projects sanitation projects and other community benefits.

We are extremely pleased and proud to be able to offer ethical gold in many of our jewellery lines, including single metal wedding bands. The gold comes from the Yanfolila Gold Mine in Mali.

Sustainability is core value for the Yanfolila Gold Mine in Mali, run by Hummingbird Resources plc, which considers it a fundamental duty to run a principled and legitimate operation. The Yanfolila Mine invests back into to the region by providing local communities with healthcare, water and sanitation, education, alternative livelihoods, and more.

All SMO gold is then refined by the UK’s only refiner of fairtrade gold, without coming into contact with any other gold and we are able to offer it to you, the client!

Please ask us about our ethical gold options at the time of ordering.

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